Four Pillars to Cloud Success

• Systems Consulting 

• Strategy Development 

• SRE Education

Re-Think Your

Cloud Strategy



Understanding the value of cloud for your business


Modeling and definition of cloud systems

Passing on ownership of the deployed cloud services

Deployment and lifecycle and vision of cloud tools



With 20 years of experience as a systems reliability engineer, and a focus on automating not only application deployments but the underlying infrastructure as well, Robert brings a wealth of knowledge to the full application enablement stack from infrastructure automation and compliance to application deployment. Robert’s background stems from efforts in such diverse fields as high-performance computing and high-frequency trading environments, scale-out workload management, and enabling ops automation and continuous integration and deployment services. Robert also holds patents in network, data center, and application performance and scale enhancements. Robert is currently a founding partner at Kumulus Technologies, a San Francisco Bay area infrastructure focused DevOps, Systems Reliability Engineering and Cloud Computing consultancy, where he writes, presents, develops, and educates the industry on cloud, SRE and DevOps topics. He also is an avid photographer (micro, macro, astro) and has been known to stay up till 2 AM in remote locations to capture celestial time-lapses. 

Robert Starmer

CTO & Founder


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